Our Story

In Spring 2014, we had the usual evening out with the boys. Grabbing a couple pints of craft beer at a local bar had become a weekly ritual to us. Being conscious of the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we made it a goal to meet up every week for a therapeutic escape. Suddenly it hit us, why isn't there a place where men can kick off their shoes, relax and ultimately just be dudes? Sure, we can pump iron and shoot the occasional 18-hole, but our deepest desire yearns for a place that offers the comfort of a man cave while still providing the ambiance of a guys' night out. Coincidentally, we collectively share this vision of a proper, modern day gentleman: well-groomed and sharply dressed with a tasteful drink in his hand. Through this image, The Gentleman's Buzz was born. Our mutual thirst for artfully crafted beer pushes our passion-driven idea. From the latest fashion trends, to the ever-familiar sound of clippers, to the remarkable feeling a cold pint of brew provides, the work "buzz" is the glue that holds it all together. Our aspiration is to eventually develop brew pub/barbershop stores in hopes to form a timeless subculture fit for the modern man's aforementioned getaway.



Justin Balayan

Barber Stylist

Justin is an up and coming Los Angeles barber who has maintained a successful book or business due to talent and quality of work. He has years of experience working in barbershops and also understands the functionality of running a retail establishment. He is upholding his customer relations by utilizing Genbook appointments to facilitate professional services. Justin is also a very talented graphic designer and is highly experienced at running social media outlets and maintaining customer relations through his marketing and promotion skills.